At Atlas Healthcare at Daughters of Miriam, we are pleased to offer our long term residents a warm community and sense of home. With a wide selection of amenities, as well as our holistic approach to care, you will have everything you need to create your best life.

Our skilled nursing staff are on hand 24/7, working in tandem with our specialized team of physicians to ensure that you receive compassionate care at all times.

Memory Care at Atlas Healthcare at Daughters of Miriam

Our long-term care community is committed to clinical excellence and maintaining a warm family environment where every resident belongs.

Residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory impairments receive 24/7 care in our secure memory pavilion, attended by a diverse and cooperative healthcare team. Along with our dedicated skilled nurses, we have an attending physician available throughout the day and on-call for emergencies, as well as therapists and specialists who provide daily services. Every staff member in our memory care unit is highly trained in caring for dementia residents and work in tandem to ensure that their needs are met. Our skilled social workers partner with families and loved ones to review the residents’ healthcare plan and address any emotional or behavioral concerns. Always, our goal is for each resident to feel safe, secure, and cared for.

We have integrated cutting-edge security features to ensure our residents’ safety, including two-way call units from beds to the nurses station, a WanderGuard monitoring system, and self-sanitizing tubs in our hydrotherapy rooms to prevent infection.


While you may be leaving a familiar setting behind, we are confident that our beautiful facility and the smiling faces awaiting you will provide a very soft landing.


Caring for our residents’ physical health is important to us, but it’s only part of the package. A full life also includes community and friendship, good food and beautiful scenery, and enjoyable activities to fill one’s day.

These are all available – and much more! –  when you live at Atlas At Daughters of Miriam.

Enjoy a full schedule of daily events and activities, go on an outing with friends or a walk on our lush, sprawling grounds. Take in panoramic nature views through our bay windows or the stained glass display in the on-site synagogue. Treat yourself to delicious, restaurant-style dining and catch some on-site entertainment after dinner.


HERE, life can be everything you make it.

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